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The year 2012 was popularly cited as the time of a planet wide change to some sort of new level or mode of existence. Connected with one particular interpretation of the Mayan calendar, the idea spread throughout New Age circles and into pop culture. As the date of December 21, 2012 neared, a number of ideas concerning an impending ascension, rapture, or end of the world approached a kind of hysteria.

A common theme of the contemporary 2012 mythos was that this year would be preceded by a worldwide fall into chaos followed by some sort of resurrection. Something of the kind does seem to be going on, only the timing is less definite, and it seems to follow the usual pattern of the rise and fall of civilizations, except on a larger scale. If something of the kind of a different state of existence results, then this won't occur in some kind of mass ascension or rapture, but may involve particular colinear groups effecting a change of their collective reality, but not that of others.

One could say that the world as we knew it ended earlier, on September 11, 2001. The orchestrated attacks marked a kind of turning point – a sharp turning towards a totalitarian regime. As American influence spans the globe, this effectively meant the beginning of global, US-imposed totalitarianism. (Though along with the US, the United Kingdom and Israel also play major parts in directing our global pathocracy.)

Such totalitarianism – although this time around, it occurs on a larger scale than ever in recorded history – is nothing new. In an ever-repeating historical cycle, it marks the final stage of an empire before its collapse. The collapse may turn out to be more dramatic than usual, given the scale of the empire about to fall.

Different esoteric currents have been coming to the surface ever since the late 19th century. They have often suggested that the time of the immediately following generations is of some central importance. Steiner wrote before 1920 that what he wrote would be outdated in 100 years. George Gurdjieff titled his magnum opus Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, maybe implying that the real target audience of his writings would be the generation after him, born in the 1950's and later. Fulcanelli also suggests the recurrence of a cyclic catastrophe and the start of a new age of man. Even Aleister Crowley's channeled Book of the Law portends a time of unbridled service to self to follow later in the 20th century.

History suggests that there is a connection between Earth changes and mass consciousness. A civilization such as ours might well attract disaster due to its entropic nature. And at present, there are a number of things brewing in the world:

  • Ebola, which might be a precursor to a new plague
  • Cometary bombardment. The records of the American Meteor Society show that since 2005, there has been an exponential increase in the number of incoming fireballs. Put together with the Nemesis hypothesis as well as the work of Victor Clube and Bill Napier, our civilization might very well go out with a series of overhead cometary explosions similar to that of the Tunguska event.
  • A new ice age.

In his book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, Pierre Lescaudron gives an overview of the connection between the latter two, as shown when taking Electric Universe theory into account.

Judging by the gradual acclimatization of the public to concepts of asteroid impact, alien lifeforms, extreme weather, etc., the parties directing the media machine have a definite goal in mind. One way of discrediting an idea – such as the true nature of what is in store for our civilization – is flooding the public with wild speculation and disinformation and obvious cranks. This may have been the whole purpose of the December 21, 2012 craze.

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