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The alien abduction phenomenon is probably as old as history but acquired its modern form in the 1960s. The first famous case was the Betty and Barnie Hill abduction in 1961.

The alien abduction phenomenon involves a relatively constant complex of elements. Below is a list of the characteristics or symptoms associated with the phenomenon:

  • Missing time. The abductee does usually not remember the event. The event appears as unaccountable time where the abductee finds him/herself somewhere without recollection of getting there and what has transpired in order to get there.
  • Screen memories. An abduction event is often masked by screen memories tailored to the subject. These may be unusually vivid dreams, recollections of meeting spirits or even of friendly interaction with aliens. Hypnosis can get past screen memories to uncover another layer of experience which is most often less agreeable.
  • Paralysis and anomalous sensations. The abductee is often taken at night from bed. The phenomenon involves a paralysis comparable to sleep paralysis and a feeling of being floated through the air, possibly passing through walls, etc. into a UFO.
  • Medical procedures. The abductee is subjected to repetitive examinations and medical operations. These often involve sexual parts and may take the form of sperm or ovum extraction or sometimes being forced to have sex with some sort of being or machine.
  • Health effects. Abductees often report health problems, ranging from inexplicable mineral or vitamin deficiencies to chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic infections, gynecological problems, etc. Some degree of psychological trauma is invariably associated with the phenomenon, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) of varying intensity is common. Sometimes abductees report acquiring extra psychic sensitivity. Sometimes poltergeist and other anomalous activity increases around abductees.

Most reports involve women, probably due to the hybrid breeding aspect of the abduction phenomenon. Sometimes the aliens also give messages to abductees but this need not be the case. The messages can be about forthcoming cataclysms, about the abductee's chosen role in events to come, etc. Abductees are also sometimes trained in the use of some machinery. Abduction is not to the benefit of the abductee and many cases go unreported due to fear of ridicule or other trouble. Sometimes "Men in Black" (MIB) also harass abductees.

Physical evidence of abductions is rare and ambiguous. Abductees sometimes have marks on their bodies. Sometimes women miss periods and are as if pregnant, only to thereafter lose all signs of pregnancy when the would be foetus mysteriously disappears. UFO landing marks are sometimes seen but not always. UFO's and abductions seem to occur independently, although abductions usually involve interaction with some sort of alien, mostly grays.

The Cassiopaean material describes the mechanism of abduction as follows. Most abductions are not physical in the third density sense. The soul of the abductee is removed from the body by a technological means, brought to a fourth density environment inside a UFO and used for building a temporary body there. (See transdimensional remolecularization.) The operations are then performed on this body while the abductee appears to still be sleeping in bed to any third density observer. Sometimes, people are seen as if enclosed into a bubble of blue light while they themselves report being abducted. The abduction and its attendant procedures take place in the fourth density and then the soul is returned to the original body. This transition back brings with it any changes made to the abducted body, such as implanted embryos, implanted devices, etc.

Some abductions take place physically, involving removal of the body into a UFO. In such cases the abductee is commonly not returned, unlike non-physical types of abduction.

The purposes of abduction are various, involving hybrid breeding, installation of tracking and other implants, mind control and programming for performing future tasks, extraction of energy and sometimes physical consumption or being used for biological parts.

Abduction is performed by service to self entities since, by definition, it involves violation of free will and is thus antithetical to the principle of service to others. The abductors do not always have to be aliens, possible future selves from a future where they became oriented to service to self are a possibility mentioned by the Cassiopaeans. Some abduction accounts mention humans working with aliens. Yet other accounts mention human agents performing the abduction for purposes of mind control and installing screen memories of an alien abduction. Variations are endless.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk discusses the abduction phenomenon in her The Wave Series books, as well as in High Strangeness. Also, The Threat by David M. Jacobs, as well as the books of Karla Turner, are recommended. No single source gives the full view but much has been written on the subject.

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