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Cassiopaean Experiment
Cassiopaean Experiment

In FotCM discourse, alignment means a person's or group's relationship to archetype or thought center, in terms of manifesting it.

One can say that "the Bush Reich has chosen to firmly align itself with the thought center of non-being and service to self," for example.

The FotCM thinking on alignment is that the universe is a mosaic of archetypal forms reflected from the source of all creation all the way down to the canvas of material forms. Creation proceeds from the higher levels towards the lower ones.

Attempting from a lower level to influence the higher is ineffectual and self-defeating, although the practices of magic and "you create your own reality" attempt to do this. Free will manifests at our level of density primarily as the choice of aligning with one archetypal idea or another. While one may not affect the archetypal forms or thought centers, one may decide which alignment one cultivates and seeks to manifest.

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