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Fourth Way
Fourth Way

In Fourth Way materials, the horse-drawn coach is among the analogies used for the human being.

In this analogy, the driver corresponds to intellect, the horse to emotions, and the carriage to the physical body. The passenger corresponds to the "real I" or "soul" – and is most often either asleep or absent, according to the Fourth Way teaching. The horse is often depicted as neglected and abused; the driver, as self-interested and shallow, often drunk and reckless or asleep; and the carriage, as in bad repair. All perform far below their potentials.

The carriage and its horses and drives stand in the cab rank, ready to be hired by whatever passenger comes along. In the ideal state of man, the passenger would be the permanent owner of the coach, directing intellect, emotions and body according to a conscious purpose, using each for its rightful function. This is however hardly ever the case.

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