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A black magnetic center is a perversion of the magnetic center. A 'real' magnetic center forms through and guides a man in genuine esoteric work. By contrast, a black magnetic center is the result of a self-serving caricature of esoteric work, and pulls a man further towards it.

In the adept of service to self, there is a certain development that parallels the positive development of genuine esoteric work, and a certain fusion of the being that makes the aspirant less ambiguous and more focused. This can be said to take place around a 'black magnetic center,' a sort of concentration of negativity, where wishful thinking increasingly replaces objective understanding of reality. The aspirant comes to embody influences that run parallel to genuine higher influences, but which are deceptive caricature of these.

Diagrams from Gnosis book one. Above is the diagram for the magnetic center, and below, for the black magnetic center. A black magnetic center grows by absorption of those A-influences (small black arrows) that run parallel to B-influences (thicker arrows). Instead of leading to contact with a genuine esoteric center (separate circle in top diagram), such development leads to profound self-absorption.

In his Gnosis books, Boris Mouravieff discusses various abnormalities of the working and formation of centers. He mentions the possibility of strong development of the negative halves of the emotional and intellectual centers along with a strong moving center. Such individuals may even find similarly oriented polar opposites, forming very destructive combinations.

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