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Below are the basic rules as well as editorial conventions for CassWiki contributors. (For an idea of the various ways in which one can contribute, see the CassWiki:Contributing page.)

Introductory pages

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Basic rules

CassWiki membership is an extension of Cassiopaea Forum membership, and the basic rules for how we work together are simply the Cassiopaea Forum Guidelines.

One additional thing should be noted: the wiki is not a suitable place for any sensitive personal information. Please put such information somewhere more appropriate.

Editorial conventions

As the project develops, we're developing some editorial conventions to keep the content tidy and consistent. It's not a disaster if these are not followed all of the time – content can be brought closer to them in the course of proofreading and polishing it. The conventions can be found on the pages below. It's best to read them so as to be on the same page as other editors regarding the work we do: