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CassWiki is a project of the community, aiming to provide an organized overview of the main subjects discussed on the Cassiopaea Forum.

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See CassWiki:Browse for further browsing options, and CassWiki:Reader's guide for a brief introduction to significant topics.

Below are the main topics of the wiki. From each of them, you can in turn reach its subtopics.

  • Abbreviations (Abbreviations commonly used in online discussion, either on the Internet at large, or more particularly by the FotCM and related groups. Some of them may appear in article text, or in quoted content included in them.)
  • Books (Books on different topics, and recommended reading.)
  • Cassiopaean Experiment (The name coined for Laura Knight-Jadczyk's experiment with critical channeling. The channeled material which this experiment has led to is used as a source of inspiration for research, and the larger process of inquiry is inseparable from the Cassiopaean Experiment.)
  • Channeling and channeled material (To channel is to serve as a medium through which an entity communicates with living persons. Some channeled material can be verified to be true, but most can not – and plenty can be verified to be either false or meaningless word salad. The best channeled material can give valuable inspiration for critical-minded research – while most of it can grossly mislead. There are many concepts conveyed through channeling to examine.)
  • Esoterica (Esoteric matters that don't fit specifically into any of the other main topics.)
  • Fourth Way (A body of teaching on the possible spiritual development of man, introduced to the Western culture by George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff in the first half of the 20th century.)
  • Health and wellness (The state of our body not only affects our physical capabilities, but also our emotional health and intellectual ability; and conversely, our emotional health affects our physical health along with our thinking. This is one of the most important topics for anyone seeking to work on him- or herself or to be healthy and well in our all too sick world.)
  • High strangeness (High strangeness refers to a global phenomenon so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought, which it carries with it many implications of the existence of intelligences other than our own.)
  • History
  • Matrix control system (A metaphorical description of present day Earth reality, by analogy with several concepts from the 1999 movie hit The Matrix.)
  • Movies and TV series (Movies – fiction and non-fiction alike – on different topics, and recommended watching. Occasionally, a TV series may also fall into this category.)
  • Mythology
  • Natural science
  • New Age (In popular usage, New Age refers to a whole suite of spiritual or religious beliefs, in large part revived from prior tradition or in some cases based on new channeled information from a multiplicity of sources. The New Age is like a supermarket of spirituality geared towards subjectivity,)
  • Politics and pathocracy (The entire Western world, and its sphere of influence as extended through globalization, comprise a pathocracy. That is, psychopaths are in positions of power, and politics is almost entirely a managed show where nothing of large-scale importance is decided by the people.)
  • Ponerology and psychopathy (Ponerology is the scientific study of evil and its genesis, and its most important finding is that psychopaths play a main role in causing the suffering and inhumanity seen in the world at present and throughout history. Psychopaths lack empathy and conscience and the ability to ever develop them. Often charming and convincing, they act as intraspecies predators – preying on others in the interest of their own greed for power, status, money, and pleasure.)
  • Psychology (The study of how individuals and groups function, in terms of mind, emotion, behavior, interaction and relationships, brain functions, etc. It is essential to understanding ourselves and others, and how best to achieve what we value.)
  • Religion
  • Shamanism and archaic esotericism


See CassWiki:About for more information.

CassWiki combines and builds upon what's been provided by several earlier projects (the Esoteric Glossary, the Enpsychopedia, and past efforts on the forum to describe and collect links to various resources). It also includes new articles about subjects we've explored in more recent years. This includes information about health and diet, modern psychology and neuroscience, and more.


Contributions to CassWiki do not necessarily reflect the views of the volunteers, administrators, and directors of or the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind (FOTCM). See the CassWiki general disclaimer for more information.