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Welcome to the CassWiki reader's guide! This article gives a brief overview of key subjects covered on this wiki and how they are related, with pointers to article series. It does not provide a complete index – for that, see CassWiki:Browse.

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Cassiopaean Experiment

Article series: Cassiopaean Experiment

The Cassiopaean Experiment is both an experiment in critical channeling (conducted by Laura Knight-Jadczyk), and tied to a broader project of historical and other research. The channeled material which the experiment has led to is used as a source of inspiration for research, as opposed to the New Age approach of treating such material as a final product to be taken on faith.

This wiki is a companion site to, the website for the Cassiopaean Experiment and Laura Knight-Jadczyk's work. For those interested in the Cassiopaean Experiment and Laura's work, is the primary resource. This wiki gives a systematized overview of concepts, findings, and the subjects discussed on the Cassiopaea Forum. Many articles will direct the reader to external materials, e.g. those at, for further reading.

The article series for the Cassiopaean Experiment focuses mainly on the more esoteric concepts related to the experiment, as well as on the channeled material itself. The other article series on this wiki delve into the various subject areas of the surrounding research, and the broad range of subjects discussed on the Cassiopaea Forum.

Fourth Way

Article series: Fourth Way

A major inspiration for the Cassiopaean Experiment is George Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teaching. For anyone interested in the Cassiopaean Experiment and its findings, getting acquainted with the theory and practice of Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teaching is essential to understanding. Gurdjieff's work is particularly valuable thanks to its practical focus, which is geared towards helping people become less mechanical and more objective.

Health and wellness

Article series: Health and wellness

Physical health affects mental health, and vice-versa; the mind-body connection is an established fact of biology (or more precisely, psychoneuroimmunology). For those wishing to work on themselves and become more healthy and capable in every way, health topics of many kinds are therefore of great importance.

Psychology and neuroscience

Article series: Psychology

In order to be able to consciously work on the self, and choose "how to be" in this world, knowledge of how we as humans "work" is needed. Psychology is also essential for understanding history and the world at present.

George Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teaching has a lot to offer in terms of practical understanding of individual and group psychology, but modern science fills in a lot of missing pieces, and its findings often dovetail with much older understandings.

Physical science

Article series: Natural science

The physical sciences (physics, astronomy, chemistry, and earth science – and their many branches) are indispensable for an understanding of the world. For example:

  • The study of history greatly benefits from hard scientific data concerning the past – regrettably all too often neglected or outright rejected by archaeologists.
  • Astrophysics – of both the more conventional and the Electric Universe kinds – is key to understanding the problem of cyclical cometary bombardment throughout history. The Electric Universe model also explains significant earth changes past and present.
  • Theoretical physics, including quantum physics, has implications far beyond what happens on the atomic and subatomic scales.


Article series: History

There are many aspects of history that are generally neglected or ignored. One that is particularly important is the nature of cyclical catastrophes, and the patterns that civilizations go through as they rise, develop, degenerate, and fall. In ancient catastrophes are also found the origins of many past and present religious beliefs and myths.

Religion and mythology

Article series: Religion and Mythology

Religion shapes culture and the lives of virtually everyone on Earth (religious and non-religious alike), and an objective understanding of it is essential for an objective understanding of the human condition. The monotheistic religions in particular have brought endless war and suffering upon the world, and been instruments of power for unscrupulous, power-hungry leaders throughout the ages.

All of the monotheistic religions have evidently been invented, and their scriptures largely express the sociopolitical agendas of the ruling elites that wrote them. However, "borrowed" ancient wisdom teachings can also be found in them, mixed with the fabrications, propaganda, and distortions of historical events and people.

One of the latest major discoveries is that the Jesus myth was originally based, in large part, on the person of Julius Caesar.

Ponerology and psychopathology

Article series: Ponerology and psychopathy

The study of history and the world at present ties into the field of ponerology, which is the scientific study of the origins of "evil", by which is meant inhumanity, or suffering, death, and destruction brought upon humans by humans.

Ponerology examines historical cycles and the role of psychological pathologies in causing macrosocial evil. In particular, psychopathy plays a very large role. Our current, globalized civilization – with the United States at the helm – shows all the hallmarks of a pathocracy, and knowledge of ponerology is indispensable for understanding the world we currently find ourselves in. It is also essential for an understanding of how humanity ended up in its current situation, including all of the stages it has passed through throughout recorded history.

Further reading: Recommended books

See Recommended books

A great many books have been read, discussed, and found useful by the community. As such, a list of recommended reading has been put together to help people find and keep track of essential reads on a broad range of subjects, with articles describing many of the books.