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Cassiopaean Experiment

The Cassiopaean Experiment is the name coined for Laura Knight-Jadczyk's experiment with critical channeling. The channeled material which this experiment has led to is used as a source of inspiration for research, and the larger process of inquiry is inseparable from the Cassiopaean Experiment.

The Cassiopaea website describes the experiment and includes a large portion of Laura's works.

The Cassiopaeans

Main article: Cassiopaeans

After two years of experimenting with critical, conscious channeling, Knight-Jadczyk accessed a channeled source in 1994 which presented itself as "you in the future" and as being from "Cassiopaea". As an experiment, the contact was maintained and the information received examined in relation to broad ranging historical, scientific, and other metaphysical material. The resulting process has been a marriage of science and mysticism.

Who or what exactly the Cassiopaeans are is unverifiable and less important than the overall fruits of the endeavor. What matters is what can be discovered with further work using the information conveyed as a source of inspiration.

Approached with an open yet critical mind, the source has proved itself a valuable source of inspiration for research over the years. The information has also turned out to be align well with the Fourth Way teaching of George Gurdjieff, Carlos Castaneda, and Boris Mouravieff – along with the Sufism of Ibn al-'Arabi and several other teachings of the past.

Scope of inquiry

From the start, a driving motivation for the Cassiopaean Experiment has been the quest to better understand the Universe, human existence and its meaning, good and evil – and how people can live in truth, improve their own lives, and work to help one another. The research has thus taken on a very broad scope – essentially all the subjects mentioned in the CassWiki reader's guide, and more.

Hyperdimensional hypothesis

The Cassiopaean Experiment explores something that is often called the "hyperdimensional hypothesis". It is a main subject of and recurring theme within this article series. Briefly, it is characterized by the following:

  • Information and consciousness is the basis of reality. Matter is "sleeping consciousness". The forms taken on by matter, and all of their various interactions, are concrete manifestations of information.
  • There exists a fundamental division between thought centers of being and non-being. We have the choice of which one to align with, choosing an orientation of either service to others or service to self. Service to others expresses creativity and tends towards absolute being, while service to self is an expression of entropy and tends towards non-being in the form of complete matterization.
  • There are multiple concentric levels of reality, perception, and existence, differing in degree of spiritualization vs. matterization. These levels are called densities of consciousness. Lower levels reflect the information of higher ones in an increasingly concretized (matterized) way.
  • Humans exist at the third density, and this largely defines our perception, language, and thought. For example, we perceive time as linear, while time is actually cyclical in nature. And we are limited in space and time, whereas higher-density existence is not.
  • Humanity is in the grip of a control system, which extends from our own level to fourth density (and in turn is a reflection of yet higher levels). The control system is a manifestation of service to self, into which humanity is trapped. Humanity likewise exercises control over fauna, flora, and "inanimate" matter, extending this control system downward to the second and first densities.
  • All there is is lessons. "Souls" proceed through densities by means of learning through experience, according to the orientation chosen. The orientation determines the attitude of the being and in turn what is learned and achieved. Service to others is inseparable from objectivity ("seeing the Universe as the Universe sees itself"), while service to self is inseparable from subjectivity (seeing the Universe as one wishes to see it).

The hyperdimensional hypothesis is related to George Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teaching, along with other, older esoteric teachings. They all have many things in common, though terminology and points of emphasis differ. Gurdjieff's work is particularly valuable thanks to its practical focus, and is a major inspiration for the broader work part of the Cassiopaean Experiment, and is seen as something of a forerunner to it. For anyone interested in the Cassiopaean Experiment and its findings, getting acquainted with the theory and practice of Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teaching is essential to understanding.

All ‘Cassiopaean Experiment’ topics

  • 12 planets of the solar system (12 planets in our solar system as according to the Cassiopaeans.)
  • Adamic man (A human being who has an individuated soul.)
  • Agents (Individuals who either deliberately or unconsciously seek to derail the efforts of another towards spiritual progress or towards fulfillment of a personal mission.)
  • Alien abduction (A phenomenon probably as old as history, but which acquired its modern form in the 1960s.)
  • Aliens (Various alien types encountered in UFO reports and/or discussed in the Cassiopaean and related material.)
  • Alignment (A person's or group's relationship to an archetype or thought center, in terms of manifesting it.)
  • All is one (The Cassiopaeans and many other channeled sources state that 'all is one and one is all.' This idea is also found in various religious writing. The idea is however sometimes naively applied to matters at the human level of experience. The New Age approach of trying to 'see all as one' in order to influence reality is a case in point.)
  • All to those who ask (A service to others being gives all to those who ask. This leads to the question of what is meant by giving and by asking and who truly are the parties of the exchange.)
  • Angel (The term angel is used in a wide variety of meanings in different contexts. Generally the term means a spiritual, non-physical being that belongs to some spiritual hierarchy or performs some specific function for a higher spiritual authority such as God. An angel is generally understood as being benevolent.)
  • Anticipation and non-anticipation (The Cassiopaean material discusses anticipation in relation to following one's path or interacting with reality at large. There two sides to the discussion: the first is that one should always anticipate attack in order to avoid problems by preparation; the second is that one should not be fixated on any particular imagined outcome of one's creative efforts or intent, because such fixation or anticipation restricts the 'creative flow.')
  • Antimatter universe (This universe is said to interact with the matter universe through gravity.)
  • Aryans (Refers to a large human population was transferred from Kantek to Earth.)
  • Ascension (Refers to completing the development possible for and cosmically required of the human form and consequently moving to a qualitatively different form of being.)
  • Assumption (Assumptions are ideas, value judgements or unquestioned premises which color one's thinking, generally without one's own awareness.)
  • Atlantis (Atlantis is described as a global culture that has survived many cataclysms, the last and final taking place about 12,500 years ago.)
  • Attack (This denote action of the General Law towards hampering a person's or group's esoteric work or development.)
  • Being vs. non-being (Depending on the context and level, the reflection of these absolutes can be called service to others/service to self, creation/entropy, order/chaos, spirit/matter, consciousness/sleep.)
  • Belief vs. faith (In FOTCM discourse, the term belief means a concept which is accepted as a given truth, without necessarily being critically evaluated. 'Belief' often connotates emotional attachment of the believer to the belief. By contrast, the term faith can connote an open-minded attitude and trust in the process of inquiry.)
  • Bodies of man (Whether man possesses so-called higher bodies from birth varies from teaching to teaching. For example, theosophy and anthroposophy teach that such exist, whereas George Gurdjieff says they must be created through esoteric work. We can bridge between Gurdjieff and Rudolf Steiner by the system of seven bodies presented by Mark Hedsel.)
  • Cassiopaeans (A channeled source contacted by Laura Knight-Jadczyk for the first time in 1994.)
  • Cataclysm (Cataclysms occur at very different scales.)
  • Chakra (The human body has seven main energy centers or chakras. Descriptions vary.)
  • Chaos, creation, and order (In the classic Greek cosmogony, the Universe is created from chaos. Chaos, the primal confusion is the raw material and then organization, or logos (an ordering principle) comes about and creates the Universe. This mythic concept can be expressed in the more modern terms of quantum physics.)
  • Colinearity (Colinearity means going in the same direction, with colinear people have a natural tendency to head in the same direction.)
  • Collinear wave reading consciousness unit (The Cassiopaeans propose that there is a para-physical realm that is another layer in the structure of space-time from which our own reality is projected.)
  • Comet cluster
  • Consciousness (Everything is really a form of consciousness, from its formless higher transcendental aspects to it's lower derivatives that take an innumerable number of different forms.)
  • Consortium (A group of business or government entities allied for promoting some specific agenda.)
  • Crop circle (Genuine communications of "higher beings".)
  • Cyclical time (History is essentially a superposition of time loops.)
  • DNA changes (DNA changes leading to some sort of physical transfiguration or ascension is one of the most popular topics of contemporary channeled sources and New Age literature.)
  • Damage control (Any public relations activity that seeks to patch up the damage done to the status quo by fresh information coming to public consciousness.)
  • Debate vs. discussion (A distinction can be made between debate and discussion; debate is arguing with a vested interest or in order to win, while discussion scrutinizes the facts and may shake up beliefs.)
  • Density (In the Cassiopaean and Ra materials, denotes a qualitatively distinct level of being. Each density has its own structure of life forms, modes of perception and interaction, and typical lessons for the consciousnesses residing in it.)
  • Destiny (A prearranged life plan, possibly watched over by some higher forces which will make it so the destiny gets fulfilled.)
  • Dimension (A dimension is not simply an axis perpendicular to all other axis of the space in question. Dimensions can be linear or cyclic, finite or infinite.)
  • Discernment (Discernment means good judgement, seeing things for what they are.)
  • Earth changes and mass consciousness (Earth changes, most often meaning large natural cataclysms, are linked to the spiritual state of humanity by many metaphysical sources.)
  • Enlightenment (The state of objective awareness of self and environment would most closely correspond to the Eastern concept of enlightenment.)
  • Fall of man (The idea of some past catastrophic event for humanity is nearly ubiquitous in myth and religion.)
  • Fifth density (In the scale of densities, the fifth density is a non-physical state of being, where entities who incarnate in the first through fourth densities exist between their incarnations. Fifth density is also referred to as a "recycling zone".)
  • First density (In the scale of densities, the first density corresponds to inanimate matter and energy. Since the scale of density is principally concerned with how awareness interacts with its environment, we could say that the first density is the raw material on which awareness acts in order to create.)
  • Fourth density (In the scale of densities, the fourth density is a mode of existence between physical and ethereal. There are many names for and presentations of the concept of graduation to fourth density. Fourth density also appears to be the level at which the higher echelons of the "matrix control system" function, thus its possible existence is important for the study of the deeper nature of the world.)
  • Fourth density bleedthrough (In the Cassiopaean material, fourth density bleedthrough refers to various anomalous perceptions and effects. The idea is that at certain times and places, the boundary between the third and fourth densities becomes thinner and perceptions and laws of nature become somewhat fluid.)
  • Fourth density service to self being (The term refers to beings of the density directly above the human level who manipulate humanity and other similar life forms for their own ends. These are the architects and ultimate controllers of the "matrix control system", the "Moon" of Gurdjieff, the "Archons" of darkness of the Gnostics. Most of the UFO phenomenon originates with these forces.)
  • Fractured soul unit (In the Cassiopaean material, humanity is referred to as a fractured soul unit.)
  • Free will (The first universal principle)
  • Frequency fence (An artificial construct meant to occlude perception or keep someone's perception or frequency resonance vibration within a particular range.)
  • Frequency resonance vibration (A property of a person that has to do with the person's alignment or intrinsic nature.)
  • Graduation to fourth density (There appears to be a certain benchmark that a being must meet in order to pass from third density incarnations to fourth density ones. Additionally, it seems that in some cases this can take place while in the body. This benchmark is variously described but all descriptions raise more questions than they answer. We will look at diverse aspects mentioned by different sources below.)
  • Grand cycle (A period of approximately 309,000 years.)
  • Group transduction of energy (Groups of people represent different spiritual principles at different times.)
  • Heating the crucible (Receiving shocks and using these as catalyst for internal change, generally for building cohesion between little 'I's.)
  • Higher centers (The 4th Way terminology recognizes the higher emotional and higher intellectual centers as well as the sexual center as higher centers.)
  • Hyperdimensional reality (This is the larger reality in which the reality of three dimensions of space and linear time is embedded. The hyperdimensional reality is not directly observable from inside itself.)
  • Intrinsic nature (One's built-in tendency towards either "felicity" vs. "wretchedness", "grace" vs. "sin", or being vs. non-being.)
  • Juvenile vs. adult dictionary (The idea is that different people use identical words but understand and intend very different things with these. This is a well known phenomenon of exterior humanity.)
  • Kantek (The fifth planet of the solar system, destroyed over 80,000 years ago.)
  • Knowledge (What is known is known in context and in an applicable form)
  • Law of Three (The Law of Three is fundamental to Fourth Way cosmology, where each phenomenon springs from the interaction of three forces. The idea is also central to the Cassiopaean Experiment, where context or consciousness determines alignment in relation to the fundamental duality of the cosmos.)
  • Lessons (The universe is one great school, everything learns, even inanimate matter.)
  • Lies and lying (Lies are ubiquitous in both the inner and outer life of man. Any work aspiring towards truth needs to deal with this state of matters – which to begin with requires distinguishing between various forms of lying.)
  • Linear time (The concept of a time dimension which is strictly sequential and only moves forward.)
  • Love (There is a bewildering range of meanings and connotations associated with love. The Cassiopaeans have said that love is light is knowledge.)
  • Make nice program (An automatic behavior tending towards avoiding conflict and making repeated concessions or tolerating consistent ill treatment.)
  • Mark of the beast (The biblical mention of the mark of the beast and the number 666 has sparked endless speculation and interpretation. One of the more original interpretations is found in the Cassiopaean material.)
  • Martek (This word is sometimes used for the planet Mars.)
  • Matterization vs. spiritualization (The ultimate destinations of the service to self and service to others orientations.)
  • Mental blocking (Spiritually holding one's ground or resisting attack.)
  • Merkaba (Merkaba refers to some sort of space or time or interdimensional transportation device created by thought.)
  • Networking (The natural form of organization for service to others, networking is a foretaste of fourth density STO.)
  • Noise (Noise as used by the FotCM refers to any information which is irrelevant to a discussion, does not contribute meaningfully; detracts from the topic and/or confuses the issue.)
  • Objectivity (In general usage, the capacity to see things as they are.)
  • Orchestra metaphor (Tolkien's creation myth tells the story of a world that was conceived in music.)
  • Organic portal (The Cassiopaean term Organic Portal for preadamic man.)
  • Orion service to self being (The name encompasses various groups of "aliens" of 4th density and higher.)
  • Ormethion (In the Cassiopaea material, this is the "god" of STS beings.)
  • Perpendicular reality (This is a Cassiopaean term for paths that cross.)
  • Petty tyrant (Petty tyrants are impossible people in positions of authority, which one has to deal with in life.)
  • Pole shift (A common theme in various predictions of Earth changes, the pole shift refers to more than the switching of the magnetic poles.)
  • Presence or being present (Various notions exist of the meaning of 'being present'.)
  • Psychic vampirism (Encompasses both psychological manipulation and a sort of psychic game of dominance and exploitation.)
  • Psychomantium (A specially set up darkened room used for skrying, or seeing spirits or other things outside of the normal sensory plane through the use of a mirror.)
  • Reaction machine (The term reaction machine is sometimes used to describe man's mechanical nature. This applies to common man in general but especially to the organic portal or Pre-Adamic man and even more to the psychopath.)
  • Realm (A division of reality.)
  • Realm of the three (Things occur naturally in threes, due to a fundamental feature of this world and of the archetypal world of which this world is a reflection.)
  • Rigel (Rigel (Beta Orionis) is a supergiant.)
  • Ritual (A formalized sequence of actions, often ceremonial or symbolic, performed according to a fixed format in a fixed circumstance.)
  • Sacred cow (Sacred cow refers to a tightly held belief with which one is identified)
  • Second density (In the scale of densities, the second density corresponds to everything that grows biologically, up to the point where the emphasis in evolution shifts from the biological evolution of a species to the mental and spiritual evolution of distinct individuals.)
  • Seeing the unseen (Making an objective interpretation of the signs of reality.)
  • Service to others and service to self (The concepts of service to others (STO) and service to self (STS) are the central cornerstone of the teaching of first Ra and then the Cassiopaeans.)
  • Service to self hierarchy (For a system where all participants seek to maximize their own power and position, a pyramidal hierarchy is the natural resulting configuration.)
  • Sex (Almost every imaginable claim has been made concerning sex, and it can be looked at from the angles of myth, mass culture, various esoteric teachings, etc.)
  • Short wave cycle and long wave cycle (In the Cassiopaean material, 'short wave cycle' refers to a mode of evolving that involves reincarnation, while 'long wave cycle' refers to a mode of evolution that takes place in a purely non-material state.)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (The ratio between useful information and random information which is independent of the main information and does not contribute to it but can still be confused with it.)
  • Sitting on the fence (A state of indecision where esoteric information is not applied and one effectively lives in an inner contradiction.)
  • Sixth density (In the scale of densities, sixth density is the "native" state of being of the Cassiopaeans and Ra. Most crop circles are, according to the Cassiopaeans, produced by sixth density entities. Many so-called "wanderers" are souls whose home density is the sixth, but who have taken incarnation in human form for a specific mission. Sixth density also corresponds to the "names of God" of Sufism.)
  • Soul (Whatever part of a person is permanent and survives physical death.)
  • Soul in struggle
  • ... further results