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The Cassiopaeans are a channeled source contacted by Laura Knight-Jadczyk for the first time in July of 1994. The material found in the Cassiopaean session transcripts is unique in that the channeled material has been the starting point rather than the end product: it is used as inspiration for research.

The sessions and the research

While the Cassiopaean material can be an interesting read in itself, it comes about in interaction with ongoing research, and by itself is not as meaningful. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that people tending towards a New Age worldview read the transcripts in isolation, interpreting them in such a way that they merely end up extending a subjective belief system.

For people not familiar with the larger body of work that has come about through the Cassiopaean Experiment, at a minimum it is recommended to read The Wave Series before delving into the transcripts by themselves. Relating the events, research, and metaphysical exploration of the early years of the Cassiopaean Experiment, this series of books quotes key parts of the early Cassiopaean material in context. The transcripts are also quoted in context in works such as The Secret History of the World, High Strangeness, and Amazing Grace.

The Cassiopaea Experiment Transcripts series

Laura Knight-Jadczyk revisits, extensively annotates, and puts the Cassiopaean sessions into perspective in this book series.

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