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Cassiopaean Experiment
Cassiopaean Experiment

The Cassiopaeans propose that there is a para-physical realm that is another layer in the structure of space-time from which our own reality is projected. It is a world of the future that creates our present by projecting itself into the past – a hyperdimensional reality where mental energies or consciousness energies are amplified and can be interactive with the environment…a state of being that has been reported as being the "realm of the Gods".

Many physicists say that all that really exists are "wave forms" and that humans are wave forms of reality and our consciousness is something that “reads waves”. We give form and structure to the waves we "read" according to some agreed upon convention. It may be that the perceptions of these levels of reality and their "consciousness units" are what is behind many religious conceptions and mythological representations of "gods and goddesses" and a myriad of both positive and negative creatures. It seems that our reality is controlled from this hyperdimensional space of which we have limited awareness and access. What option we do have is to choose our alignment and prepare ourselves for the emanations that are traveling "downward" to be better received.

Human beings exist to transduce cosmic energies of creation via organic life. A human being seems to be a transducing unit with a "lens capacity". The process of Ascension begins with the choice of tuning the lens. If the individual chooses to "adjust the dial" to see the entire field of Thought Centers influencing creation, he can then begin to select those that enhance and enliven Creation and Being – the Thought Centers of Awakened Consciousness – then a feedback loop that selects that probable future will be established.

As this process continues, as the feedback loop is activated between the Cosmic Observer and the transducing/actions of the creature – the organic unit, the transducing organ strengthens and the exchange between it and the Cosmic Observer accelerates and intensifies. The transducing organ then begins to act as a homing beacon for greater levels of the chosen Thought Center energy – that observer from the future.

In the development of such a feedback loop, the human being – as a conduit of creation, a vessel – becomes an active participant of the creation of his own FUTURE in the act of choosing which observation platform and scope he accepts as “real” – objective or subjective. Furthermore, as the energy of such a being is changed and enhanced by the “flow of cosmic energy” passing through him, as he perceives more and more of the creative expressions of Infinite Potential and chooses those he wishes to align with he becomes collinear with those other expressions of Being - other organic units that may be quite different in make-up, but similarly aware of Infinite Potential – and us thus able to interact with them in a manner that further expands and commutates the energies of transducing.