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The "Companions Devoted to Liberty" were a group of artists who were creators of much of the art contained in Gothic Cathedrals in France. It is believed that such artists or "Companions Devoted to Liberty" still exist in France.

The following is an excerpt from the article "The Companions Devoted to Liberty" by Laura Knight Jadczyk - a discussion and description of the art of Auch Cathedral.

The artists of the Gothic Cathedrals would be none other than the Compagnons du devoir de liberté - The Companions Devoted to Liberty.

These companions have been able to give full initiative to their art, to the point of expressing in many places their initiations - of course, discreetly.

This remarkable set is not mere art! Like the windows, it contains thought, a message.

When we carefully observe the details, in the stalls, something immediately appears to our eyes: Demons and snakes, malevolent animals and monsters of all species swarm there. This invasion contributes to give to this whole a tragic aspect that also agrees very well with the profound movement of history that is narrated to us.


This theme evokes the same reality: the reality of man in general.

One would almost think about Dante's Inferno. But this obvious tragedy is not hell - it is the history of humanity on earth.


Here in Auch Cathedral, there is a masterpiece of ART - a HISTORY - and 18 windows, masterpieces of Gothic Art - Art Gothique - Argot - Art Cot - the Art of Light! The TRUE history of the Human Race, including an INVASION of serpents and tragedy - the history of humanity!


The Companions Devoted to Liberty have left us a history in Auch Cathedral that seem to be beckoning to us by leaving something like a string of clues, the thread of Ariadne, to lead us out of the labyrinth. And the final clue of the history is that STRENGTH is triumphant!!!

From then on the feast can be organized since Life has just triumphed over Death. To signify the feast, the artists have represented joyful processions on the pedestal of this triumphal Strength, where riders and soldiers advance, carrying trophies, symbolizing their victory. However, this feast is prepared, and it is even celebrated all along the cycle. Indeed, in spite of the malevolent snakes and dragons of all species, it is still the feast. [Raymond Montané]


As Fulcanelli wrote: [W]e learn that a country exists, where death cannot reach man at the terrible time of the double cataclysm. As for the geographical location of this Promised Land, from which the [spiritual] elite will take part in the return of the golden age, it is up to us to find it. For the elite, the children of Elias will be saved according to the word of Scripture, because their profound faith, their untiring perseverance in effort, will have earned for them the right to be promoted to the rank of disciples of the Christ-Light. They will bear his sign and will receive from him the mission of renewing for regenerated humanity the chain of tradition of the humanity which has disappeared.


For it is by fire and in fire that our hemisphere will soon be tried.


The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hourglass, symbol of time run out, and the scythe, reproduced in the figure seven, which is the number of transformation, of destruction, of annihilation. The Gospel of this fatal age is the one written under the inspiration of St. Matthew.


Matthaeus...means science. This word has given study, knowledge, to learn.

It is the Gospel according to Science, the last of all, but for us the first, because it teaches us that, save for a small number of the elite, we must all perish. For this reason the angel was made the attribute of St. Matthew, because science, which alone is capable of penetrating the mystery of things, of beings and their destiny, can give man wings to raise him to knowledge of the highest truths and finally to God. [Fulcanelli, Dwellings of the Philosophers]

Let me repeat one of the startling remarks made above about the Art in Auch Cathedral, the HISTORY that has been preserved in the Choir and the windows of Arnaud de Moles: Since this history is told and relived in retrospect, our artists knew in advance that this dramatic adventure had to bring us to Life.

In other words: We are You in the Future.

And so we count ourselves among The Companions Devoted to Liberty.

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