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Cryptogeographic beings are the huge animated forms that penetrate human consciousness, the supra-human forms that are quite conscious, aware, and active. They are identified with the "Operators" as described in Barbara O'Brien's Operators and Things.

The meaning crypto refers to "hidden, secret" or "a person who secretly supports or adheres to a group, party, or belief". And, the literal translation of "geography" is "to describe or write about the Earth". To put it together, it would likely to mean a "secret or covert describer" of an environment.

This term came from Colin Bennett in his article, "Invasion of the Doll People":[1]

Forster's Marabar caves, Hamlet's castle at Elsinore, and Thomas Hardy's Egdon Heath are all aspects of crypto-geographic personalities; they live and breathe as huge animated forms and penetrate human awareness the way ivy weaves through an old house. These supra-human forms are quite conscious, aware, and active. In West Virginia, Keel found the local "system-animal" had its own agenda; it "spoke" through simulacra and weather, atmosphere and geology, coincidence and dream. Before the coming of Christianity and science, such forms as Keel describes were a fully understood part of an integrated world image that linked Mind to sacred sites, landscape, ideas and evolving culture. They were part of the knitting together of matter and idea, body and soul.
To put Keel's experience in the very best of Classical perspectives, we might have to return to the ancient Greek view that the truth is scandalous beyond all belief, and the gods are neither respectable nor sensible entities at all.
In the fortean sense, scientific objectivity has "banned" our recognition of any participants in our conscious life other than fellow humans. Shakespeare shows that there are unnamed dramatis personae implicit in the human situation, showing that humans are not lords of creation but part of an evolving chain of being, shading from "solid" to almost nothing. This chain consists of animal, vegetable and mineral domains, all of which have dynamic anthropomorphic elements that we ignore at our peril. Like Shakespeare's The Tempest, The Mothman Prophecies depicts humans as poised between the animal kingdoms and the realms of the gods. When the transport to and from Middle-Earth breaks down, many domains above and below hit back, throwing off man-made structures. In this sense, Hardy’s Egdon Heath is as much responsible for the death of Eustacia Vye as Keel's mysterious beings are for the collapse of the bridge at Point Pleasant and the deaths of 38 people. The Greek Tragedians understood completely such connections between environment and social character, motivation and supra-human agendas. Meantime, fallen moderns grate their teeth on the mechanical, and wonder that they cannot explain events in Dallas 1963, the assassination of Princess Diana, or the murder of little Jon Bennet.
Like many who return from the magic landscape of Magonia, Keel, as wounded initiate, is sick and exhausted. Occult initiation is always a near-death experience.

These cryptogeographic beings or "crypto-geographic personalities with supra-human agendas" appear to operate outside of normal human perception and invisibly inhabit our plane of existence (3rd density), influencing and dominating the mentality of the people, both "normal" and "disturbed individuals". For an example, many so-called "occultists" or gurus or purveyors of mystic wisdom in the modern times are being guided, controlled, directed, and otherwise misled by these beings to serve a disinformation or other insidious agenda.

In a certain sense, they can be similar to the idea with a form of possession or spirit attachment. When a cryptogeographic being becomes aware of the energy dynamics that are in play surrounding a certain individual, in some sort of a timeless and space-less environment, it "moves" the "host" to do certain things or say particular words at specific times while the "host" is being completely unaware that they are doing this.

The actions of these cryptogeographic beings (sometimes refers to as a "cryptogeographic being phenomena") can make us more acutely aware of the fourth-density Matrix Control System in real time.

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