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Cassiopaean Experiment
Cassiopaean Experiment

The FOTCM holds the idea that history is essentially a superposition of time loops. We may think of this through the analogy of a film projector: Multiple loops of film, each of a different length, run at the same time, being projected on the same screen. This causes precise repetition to be extremely rare but still keeps the same essential themes surfacing time and again.

We see this in studying the rise and fall of civilizations and history's repeating dramas. A case in point is the parallel between today's post-9/11 United States and Hitler's Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Another possible parallel is between today and the last days of Atlantis, as the Cassiopaeans and other sources suggest a surge of Atlantean reincarnations. (And indeed, the "American empire" has essentially become the "Fourth Reich", imposing itself on the world on a scale reminiscent of the story of Atlantis, the ancient "evil empire".)

All of these shorter loops would be embedded in a master loop approximately 309,000 years long, called "the Grand Cycle" by the Cassiopaeans. This cycle separates consecutive appearances of the Wave and measures the length of each period of third density on Earth. Souls trapped in this loop experience repeated runs of a version or other of the history of the human race, all the while being exploited for their psychic energy by the fourth density service to self controllers.

The FOTCM suspects that physical reality forms a symbol system through which the archetypal time loops of which it is constructed can be seen and recognized. Such seeing is never certain but recurring patterns of history are a well attested fact. Learning history may be a way of avoiding its repeats.

The concept of cyclic time does not imply strict determinism. It is rather the idea of a certain organizing principle guiding events by introducing synchronicities, shifting probabilities in chaotic systems and other subtle interventions.

This is in itself a natural process but again we see the control system making use of this for its own ends. This takes the form of causing periodic upheavals destroying any progress which may have been achieved.

In researching ancient cultures, we note that the notion of cyclic history has been forcibly replaced by the notion of a linear one, inevitably drawing to a final conclusive end. This corresponds roughly to the introduction of monotheism and a vengeful male dominator deity. This is part of a cultural control system and is aimed at suppressing any working understanding of natural cycles of history. Furthermore, a culture dominated by the fear of a final judgement Is easier to control.

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