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Cassiopaean Experiment

DNA changes leading to some sort of physical transfiguration or ascension is one of the most popular topics of contemporary channeled sources and New Age literature. The question is very complex and the field is full of probable disinformation, making a serious study of the subject all the more difficult.

We can start by looking at probable links between DNA and consciousness. The first obvious point is that since DNA codes for the form and function of the physical body, having a body suitable for hosting certain mental functions requires functional DNA. Intelligence, temperament, extrasensory capabilities and other aspects of mind are seen to be somewhat hereditary, although the precise mechanism and genes involved are very difficult to pinpoint when we do not even have unambiguous definitions of the characteristics we are looking for. At the very least then, DNA determines the bounds of how consciousness can operate within a physical vehicle. Further, since DNA codes for secretion of neurochemicals, which in turn influence consciousness, we may see that very specific changes of DNA in principle could produce changes of consciousness or at least modulate how consciousness interacts with the physical vehicle. From a strict biological viewpoint it is next to impossible to make definite statements about DNA and consciousness. Darwinian evolution is based on the idea of random mutation and natural selection of the results. Selection works well within certain confines, as for example in the context of breeding dogs, but explications for jumping between species are lacking. We note that for example dogs and wolves remain all the same species after all the selective breeding of millennia and the resulting large variety of canines. If anything, the fossil record indicates sudden jumps instead of the smooth evolution predicted by Darwinism.

If DNA were the principal link between biological life forms and consciousness which we see as preceding said life forms, then it would make sense to posit a two-way interaction between the two. DNA determines what the body is capable of containing and consciousness selects or changes DNA. Again, lacking an exact definition of consciousness, we cannot be totally precise. If consciousness were interfaced to matter via affecting phenomena at the quantum level as has been proposed, then certainly tailoring the DNA molecule of a given species would be conceivable. Much esoteric material suggests this, both in the context of the formation of species as well as in the context of the choice of the sperm and egg cell being fertilized.

Rudolf Steiner, for example, suggests that consciousness and karma play a role in guiding the process of fertilization, selecting which genes come from which parent. Modern psychology tends to attribute most traits of human character to heredity more than to experience. We could say that nature defines the possibility and nurture is required to allow its manifestation. Care and education do not however alter the fundamental possibilities although failures of either may result in a potential never being realized. .

DNA is a touchy subject in part because it codes for the external racial characteristics of man, although there again the differences between people of different color or phenotype are marginal. Still, there cannot be talk of a master race without reference to DNA. DNA is very elusive and therefore can be invoked to justify pretty much any specialness without other basis.

Research on DNA has been invoked to justify diverse theories of human origin. At the present time, the out of Africa hypothesis and alternatives compete and there is no conclusive evidence either way. It is probable that all the diverse evidence cannot be reconciled without recourse to different populations having been introduced in different places at different times by an outside agency. Also there are anomalous specimens that do not seem related to any present day population. See Secret History for more.

At the present time there is significant scientific focus on DNA, as for example in the human genome project, cloning and various genetically modified life forms. Also it is accepted that the DNA molecule is an electric superconductor, although it cannot carry a large current.

The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak from 1973 is among the earlier New Age work to talk about the metaphysical importance of DNA and DNA changes as a "vehicle of ascension".

The Ra material does not talk particularly much about DNA, simply mentioning that the logos makes life forms out of whatever materials are available.

Bringers of the Dawn, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, devotes plenty of space to various rather informal discussion of DNA.

The Cassiopaeans make allusions to DNA changes being interactive with consciousness in many different places and contexts.

Following is a short summary of the channeled source's statements on DNA:

  • The original 12-strand DNA of the human species was broken and scattered at the time of the fall of man by the lizzies (reptilian fourth density service to self beings) with the result that man was cut off from spirit, left only with the capacities necessary for sustaining life. {P's}
  • 4D STS used technology to cancel the 10 first factors of DNA at the time of the fall of man. This resulted in interrupted flow of neurotransmitters. This was achieved by modifying the light received by Earth. {C's}
  • Supernovas occurring within 2000 light years have both instantaneous effects as well as effects carried by radiation and these effects can affect DNA. {C's} The C's suggest the effects go beyond random strand breakage and mutation caused by ionizing radiation in general. A supernova would thus be a special source as opposed to other sources of hard radiation. While ionizing radiation mostly causes cell death or cancerous mutations, such radiation from a supernova would make more "intelligent" changes, provided the spiritual orientation of the receiver were compatible.
  • The frequency resonance vibration (consciousness and orientation) of the person determines receivership capacity, which then determines to what degree outside catalyst is capable of affecting DNA changes. This may apply to the Wave or to supernovae. [C's]
  • Man's altered DNA is responsible for the perception of linear time and other limitations. DNA changes can manifest spontaneously with evolution of consciousness, which can unlock memories of past lives and do many other things. These are natural processes best not to attempt to artificially influence, though STS beings do this. [C's]

There are many more mentions of the subject in the Cassiopaean session transcripts and the reader is referred there for more.

There are many stories on the Internet concerning people being born with special abilities, acquiring 12 strand DNA as verified by tests and so forth. Generally none of this stands to scrutiny. This is similar to the themes of indigo children or super-psychic children. Another common meme is that 'chemtrails' are laid in order to block radiation that would trigger DNA changes leading to 'spontaneous ascension'.

In the FOTCM's view, the amount of disinformation and hype plus a confirmed interest from the powers that be suggests that there is something to the issue but that nothing should be taken at face value. In light of tradition, any talk of a free ride to higher densities propelled by spontaneous DNA changes is most likely wishful thinking.

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