Darwin's Doubt

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Darwin's Doubt, 2013

Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design is a book by philosopher Stephen C. Meyer, first published in 2013, which expands on the case for intelligent design that the author presented in his previous book Signature in the Cell.

This work focuses on the mystery of the Cambrian explosion, when numerous new animal forms appeared quite suddenly in the fossil record, seemingly with no transitional ancestors that would explain their unique features, according to gradual Darwinian processes. Part 1 examines the first problem posed by the Cambrian explosion: the missing forms and fossils. If Darwinism is true, there should be innumerable transition fossils, but they're completely missing. The second part zeroes in on genetics and the problems it has accounting for the new Cambrian creatures. Finally, Part 3 takes a look at some post-Darwinian theories, including intelligent design.

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