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"Dead dudes" is Laura Knight-Jadczyk's term used to describe alleged discarnate entities from her early years of channeling since it cannot be proven one way or the other what they are.

An excerpt from one of the early Cassiopaean sessions clarifies what density "dead dudes" are a part of:[1]

Q: Next question: How does one determine if they are channeling a 3rd density dead dude, or a higher density being?

A: Corrections and clarifications needed: "Dead Dudes" are 5th density beings. Either they are stuck in 3rd density, or they are communcating from 5th density, not 3rd density!! They are not 3rd density! 1st density includes all physical matter below the level of consciousness. 6th density is uniform in the level pattern of lightness, as there is complete balance on this density level, and the lightness is represented as knowledge. 7th density is union with the is timeless in every sense of the word, as its "essence" radiates through all that exists in all possible awareness realms. The light one sees at the termination of each conscious physical manifestation is the union, itself. Remember, 4th density is the first that includes variable physicality!! Ponder this carefully!!! And, remember, there is only one "God," and that the creator includes all that is created and vice versa!

Just because "dead dudes" are 5th density beings does not make them "all-knowing" or "intelligent". They can lie and generate noise when one is channeling them. As Edgar Cayce once said: "A dead Presbyterian is just that: A dead Presbyterian."

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