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Cassiopaean Experiment
Cassiopaean Experiment

In the Cassiopaean and Ra materials, density denotes a qualitatively distinct level of being. Each density has its own structure of life forms, modes of perception and interaction, and typical lessons for the consciousnesses residing in it.

Concept of density

Density refers to density of consciousness, or the level of being developed by a soul. As being is gained, the state of existence crosses thresholds, each major step along the way being a density. Development proceeds by learning the lessons of existence. During the third density – which for us is our human existence – development splits into two pathways: service to others and service to self. The chosen pathway determines whether the soul ends its development by attaining unity with all, or by contracting into inanimate matter.

The densities can, very briefly and roughly, be described as follows:

  • The first is the density of inanimate matter.
  • The second is the density of flora and fauna (plants and animals).
  • The third is the density of human life, and other life with a similar extent of consciousness.
  • The fourth is the density of a semi-physical state beyond limitations of time and space.
  • The fifth is the density of an ethereal, contemplative existence.
  • The sixth is the density of a state much closer to unity, where life exists as thought.
  • The seventh is the density of a complete unity of all.

In volume 3 of The Wave, Laura Knight-Jadczyk illustrates the densities in a form very similar to the Cabalistic tree of life[1]. This illustration is useful for showing the densities in relation to several other important concepts.

Densities arranged like the tree of life.[1]

The illustration shows, among other things:

  • The duality of being vs. non-being, along with their unity in seventh density. Seventh density includes all, including the thought of non-being; first density concretely expresses non-being in the form of the most limited existence possible.
  • How information (unified knowledge) is mirrored, or expressed, in nature. Biological life, and the DNA that determines its nature, first arises in second density.
  • The duality of service to others vs. service to self, in the right and left branches, respectively. This duality can also be understood as creativity vs. entropy, and objectivity vs. subjectivity.
  • How a soul might move between densities during its evolution along either the STO or STS pathway, given the connections between the densities. (The fifth density is a contemplation zone repeatedly visited in-between existences in the first four densities.) Following the fifth, a soul would move into the sixth, either proceeding to go through that density if positively oriented, or contracting back into matter – the first density – if negatively oriented.

However, the illustration cannot convey the full picture; it is a three-dimensional approximation of something that is not three-dimensional. Among other possible simplifications, the top and the bottom are presented as separate, when they might be more accurately seen as being linked, similarly to a Möbius strip.

The concept is complex and third density language is not fully appropriate for describing most aspects of the matter. The Ra material offers a somewhat systematic overview of the question. The Cassiopaean material builds further on that basis. There are slight differences in emphasis and definition between the two, but from the standpoint of the FOTCM, the essential message is that a passage from third to fourth density is in some cases possible, and requires the mastering of the lessons of third density, specifically survival, karma, and the formation of a truly individuated being capable of consistent work in its chosen polarity. The mastery of self that is a goal of the Fourth Way is a subtask of these.

The different cosmoses of the Fourth Way cosmology can be seen to correspond with densities. Direct comparison is difficult because most of this material lies outside human experience.

Overview of densities

First density

See first density for further information.

The density of inanimate matter. If we can speak of learning here, the lesson is maybe for matter to learn to combine in ways forming primitive biological organisms.

Second density

See second density for further information.

The density of flora and fauna, i.e. plants and animals. Lessons have to do with biological life, survival, adaptation, competition, and group organization as seen with animals, etc. The soul structure is generally a species soul pool, but as species become more advanced, individual members of the species may differentiate themselves by more varied individual learning.

Third density

See third density for further information.

On Earth, the density of human life. The lessons of the second density continue in more complex forms, as in battles for social domination, survival within social structures, etc. Individually acquired personality and individual learning play a greater role than in the second density. Humans are divided into Pre-Adamics or organic portals (who share a species-like soul pool) on the one hand, and Adamics (who have an individuated soul) on the other.

The specific lesson of third density is however making a choice of orientation of service, towards either service to others in its greatest possible manifestation, or service to self in its greatest possible manifestation. Making such a conscious choice requires having an individuated soul, and presumably a large number of lifetimes in third density for the soul to acquire its polarity.

Fourth density

See fourth density for further information.

This is described as a partly physical state where graduates of third density may deepen and perfect their chosen polarity. Service to others and service to self groups are distinct in fourth density and do not automatically come in contact, unless in the context of interacting with third density.

Most of the UFO phenomenon involves fourth density service to self beings. Pure service to self may not occur past the fourth level of density, presumably because this is the last at least partly material density.

Fourth density beings enjoy more conscious control over physicality and generally form groups telepathically sharing a common pool of experience while retaining a certain individuality.

Fifth density

See fifth density for further information.

Souls of first through fourth density beings find themselves in fifth density between incarnations. This is a contemplation zone where these souls may observe their past/future lives from a purely ethereal state of being. For progress to be realized, this contemplation between lives must be combined with the repeated incarnation of the souls in the density which currently best corresponds to their level of progress. Eventually, a soul will be "done" with this process, and will proceed to the sixth density after a "final" stay in fifth density. This description is however only approximate, since the fifth density is timeless and every "stay" there occurs "simultaneously".

Sixth density

See sixth density for further information.

This corresponds to the level of the 'names of God' or 'unified thought forms.' Service to others entities who no longer need to reincarnate occupy this level. This corresponds to angels or Dhyanic beings in other terminologies.

Seventh density

See seventh density for further information.

This is the level where all is one and one is all, in a practical, real and meaningful sense. There is no longer any difference between thought and reality. This corresponds to the notion of an all-encompassing God or Universe, or the Sun Absolute of the Fourth Way.

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All ‘Density’ subtopics

  • Fifth density (In the scale of densities, the fifth density is a non-physical state of being, where entities who incarnate in the first through fourth densities exist between their incarnations. Fifth density is also referred to as a "recycling zone".)
  • First density (In the scale of densities, the first density corresponds to inanimate matter and energy. Since the scale of density is principally concerned with how awareness interacts with its environment, we could say that the first density is the raw material on which awareness acts in order to create.)
  • Fourth density (In the scale of densities, the fourth density is a mode of existence between physical and ethereal. There are many names for and presentations of the concept of graduation to fourth density. Fourth density also appears to be the level at which the higher echelons of the "matrix control system" function, thus its possible existence is important for the study of the deeper nature of the world.)
  • Fourth density bleedthrough (In the Cassiopaean material, fourth density bleedthrough refers to various anomalous perceptions and effects. The idea is that at certain times and places, the boundary between the third and fourth densities becomes thinner and perceptions and laws of nature become somewhat fluid.)
  • Fourth density service to self being (The term refers to beings of the density directly above the human level who manipulate humanity and other similar life forms for their own ends. These are the architects and ultimate controllers of the "matrix control system", the "Moon" of Gurdjieff, the "Archons" of darkness of the Gnostics. Most of the UFO phenomenon originates with these forces.)
  • Graduation to fourth density (There appears to be a certain benchmark that a being must meet in order to pass from third density incarnations to fourth density ones. Additionally, it seems that in some cases this can take place while in the body. This benchmark is variously described but all descriptions raise more questions than they answer. We will look at diverse aspects mentioned by different sources below.)
  • Second density (In the scale of densities, the second density corresponds to everything that grows biologically, up to the point where the emphasis in evolution shifts from the biological evolution of a species to the mental and spiritual evolution of distinct individuals.)
  • Sixth density (In the scale of densities, sixth density is the "native" state of being of the Cassiopaeans and Ra. Most crop circles are, according to the Cassiopaeans, produced by sixth density entities. Many so-called "wanderers" are souls whose home density is the sixth, but who have taken incarnation in human form for a specific mission. Sixth density also corresponds to the "names of God" of Sufism.)
  • Third density (In the scale of densities, the third density corresponds to living beings that have a degree of individual consciousness, corresponding free will (at least in potential) and attendant responsibilities. Unlike the animal which acts primarily according to the typical behavior of the species, the third density entity is thus accountable in terms of karma and soul evolution.)