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Health and wellness

Health and wellness is a very important matter: the state of our body not only affects our physical capabilities, but also our emotional health and intellectual ability; and conversely, our emotional health affects our physical health along with our thinking. This is one of the most important topics for anyone seeking to work on the self or to be healthy and well in our all too sick world.

Disinformation and the state of the world

The broad, general "field" of what makes for healthy living and optimal functioning is full of disinformation. From the promotion of vegetarianism and low-fat, high-carb diets, to various distorted ideas of what constitutes healthy psychology and social dynamics, the world is set up for people to get sick.

Much of this is the result of greed. The big agricultural and food production corporations benefit from adherence to the "standard American diet", and in the last decades have also become big promoters of vegetarian diets and products. Big pharma also benefits financially from the conventional "wisdom" of the day, including the lipid hypothesis (saturated fat as the cause of cardiovascular disease). People get sick from preventable "diseases of civilization" as a result of how they live (including, but not limited to, how they eat) – and end up dependent on all manner of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.

In a ponerized world, where pathological reasoning (and, increasingly, behavior) is accepted as normal, and terror is used by political leaders to gain approval for their policies, chronic stress is also more widespread than ever. Economic exploitation and hardship, the inhuman dictates of bureaucracies, and ever-increasing social isolation – outside the world of make-believe social networks – are some of the factors.

The environment in which people live is increasingly hystericized, with stressed-out populations all too willing to keep their awareness away from any disturbing thoughts and feelings. Society is becoming increasingly narcissistic – shaped in the image of its psychopathic ruling elite – and the order of the day tends towards a mixture of authoritarianism and hedonism, where quick fixes are used to escape from emotional pain and unease.

In such a socio-cultural climate, it's no wonder stress-related diseases (e.g. cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune diseases) are so prevalent. And the "standard American diet", and similar Western diets, contribute to the problems. Such diets are also the opposite of what makes for a healthy brain, which certainly doesn't help with stress, nor with finding and implementing solutions to humanity's biggest problems.

It's no easy matter to sort through the mixture of misconceptions and deliberate disinformation around so many crucial health-related subjects. The and Cassiopaea Forum community has explored reams of research, experimented and networked about their experiences, as part of a collective process of learning. Little of the information is wholly "new", but what is more unique is bringing it all together, from many sources and concerning many different subjects.

The mind-body connection

Main article: Mind-body connection

A person's psychological state and emotional health affects the nervous system throughout the body, as well as the functioning of the immune system and endoctrine system. Likewise, physiological stress and inflammation affect emotion and cognition. Biochemically, all these systems (psyche, nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system) are connected; their functioning is not separate.

The mind-body connection is important to an understanding of the components of healthy living. They are all related, and any major change to one area will affect the functioning of one's "machine" in other areas as well. Therefore, it is necessary for optimal health and functioning to focus on every major aspect. This includes, but is not limited to:


Main article: Diet

Diet is a key question – but it should be noted that by "diet", we don't mean something you do temporarily, or to lose weight (though that is one common effect); we mean something that is permanently adopted in order for one's body and brain to function at its best – a lifestyle, in other words.

The most optimal diets we know of at this time are the ketogenic diet, followed by the paleo diet for those who are not able to adapt to the ketogenic diet. Both have in common the removal of the most detrimental things from one's diet: gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, etc. Both also reduce carbohydrates and increase the amount of fat (particularly animal fat) eaten – but the ketogenic diet takes this much further, and also keeps protein restricted to moderate amounts. Either of the diets will make for a large change from a "standard" diet, and therefore, before proceeding with these changes, it is important to understand what one is doing and why. We strongly recommend reading the most important resources on diet beforehand.

Stress and illness

When it comes to the psychological aspects of maintaining good health, the book When the Body Says No by Gabor Maté is highly recommended; it explores the role of chronic stress and unhealthy ways of handling emotion in disease. We are often conditioned by upbringing and culture to neglect stress, and to either repress or hyperexpress our emotions – and ultimately it takes its toll on the body.

The Éiriú Eolas‎ breathing and meditation program is a powerful tool for handling stress and facilitating emotional processing. Recommended and available for free, it works by means of the controlled stimulation of the vagus nerve. In gradually clearing up emotional baggage, many on the Cassiopaea Forum and elsewhere have found it to help with mental clarity and emotional and interpersonal functioning. In addition, a number of people have reported improvements in physical health. A gentle way to heal, the program is practiced by many on the Cassiopaea forum, along with a ketogenic or paleo diet.


Health issues can be caused by trauma. Peter A. Levine's book In An Unspoken Voice describes the physiological basis of trauma and how it can be worked through by working with the body; it is highly recommended. See Neuroscience for more reading recommendations relevant to this and related subjects, among other things.

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