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The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique, numeric commercial book identifier. Each published version of a book can have its own ISBN, and ISBNs can be used to search for books at online retailers and other catalogues (e.g. libraries).

On this wiki, an ISBN can be clicked, taking you to a page showing links to various external sites for the particular ISBN. Using these links, you can check availability and other information about the book. You can also go to the page Special:BookSources and manually enter any ISBN to show these links for it.

For more information about ISBNs in general, see Wikipedia's article.

For editors: Adding ISBNs to articles

On a book page, ISBNs can be added to the infobox when editing the page using "Edit with form".

In other places, you can write "ISBN", then a space, and then insert the ISBN number. The 'word' ISBN followed by such a number is automatically turned into a link.

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