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All ‘History’ topics

  • Alans (The Alans were a tribe from the Caucasus and possibly Northern Iran who may have brought the original elements of the Grail mythos to Western Europe.)
  • Cataclysm (Cataclysms occur at very different scales.)
  • Catharism (A gnostic movement considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Celts (The Celts were a group of ancient peoples of Indo-European origin sharing linguistic, religious and cultural ties, and made up of numerous tribes.)
  • Circle people vs. pyramid people (Refers to an apparent split in social structure, religion, form of governance, architecture and art between different peoples of ancient history and prehistory.)
  • Companions Devoted to Liberty (The "Companions Devoted to Liberty" were a group of artists who were creators of much of the art contained in Gothic Cathedrals in France.)
  • Cyclical time (History is essentially a superposition of time loops.)
  • Disinformation (An intelligence term meaning purposely giving false information.)
  • Disjecta membra (Fragments of a formerly whole body of knowledge which has been scattered into often hard to recognize bits and pieces over time. In Latin, means disjoint or scattered members or parts.)
  • Egypt and Egyptology (The mythology of ancient Egypt occupies a somewhat prominent place in certain esoteric circles.)
  • Hyperboreans (The ancient Greeks were sometimes called sons of Boreas [north wind]. Hyperborea is the land beyond or above the north.)
  • Illuminati (Originally the name of a secret society started by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776. In the modern context, generally used to mean the higher levels of secret government)
  • Kantek (The fifth planet of the solar system, destroyed over 80,000 years ago.)
  • Linear time (The concept of a time dimension which is strictly sequential and only moves forward.)
  • Maunder Minimum (A period named after the English solar astronomer E.W. Maunder, who charted an interval of drastically reduced sunspot activity between the years of 1645 and 1715.)
  • Metaphysics (The term, in modern usage, refers to something outside of the physical reality, to something supernatural or belonging to a spiritual state of being.)
  • Movies and television (Like books and other modern media platforms, television programming and movies will impart negative, positive or neutral impressions upon the viewer.)
  • Operation Paperclip (An Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program, implemented in the aftermath of World War II, the goal of which was to locate and secretly import over 1,500 former Nazi scientists and engineers into the United States.)
  • Philadelphia Experiment (The legend of the Philadelphia experiment states that the US Navy conducted in August 1943 a series of maritime experiments for achieving radar invisibility.)
  • Sibyl (Oracular seeresses of antiquity who prophesied at certain holy sites, under the divine influence of a deity, originally one of the chthonic earth-goddesses.)
  • Synarchy