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Jesus was Caesar

Jesus was Caesar: On the Julian Origin of Christianity: An Investigative Report is a book by Francesco Carotta, originally published in 1999, which presents a case that the historical person behind the Biblical figure Jesus Christ was not Jesus of Nazareth, but Julius Caesar, from whose cult later dissolved as Christianity surfaced and developed over the centuries. The author based this case on an irrefutable comparison of the biblical gospels about Jesus with the ancient historical sources about the final years of Caesar and his legacy.

From Laura Knight-Jadczyk's review on Amazon:

The Truth that will Set You Free!

As Paul Cliteur of the University of Leiden stated: "This report is of the same order of importance as the scientific discoveries of Darwin and Galileo."

I would say it is even MORE important than Darwin and Galileo because the misuse of Christianity has been the bane of Western civilization for almost two millennia.

The efforts of the scholars to prove the existence of a historical character behind Christianity, a Jewish Jesus, has proven again and again to be a complete and utter failure. How can an empty grave have any meaning when the one who was supposedly put there never existed to begin with?

But now, thanks to Carotta, there IS a historical figure who is actually more commanding and praiseworthy than the pale, insipid Gallilean failure long held up to us as a role model that anyone in their right mind would NEVER follow.

Now we can distance ourselves from the schismatic disputes that have poisoned our civilization and history, that continue to poison our societies and divide people against each other; now we can KNOW the founder, who he was, what he taught, what he actually did, and even read his own words.

Jesus was, indeed, Caesar: a Roman, not a Jew. Carotta's evidence is compelling and convincing.

Please, do yourself a favor, get and read this book. Don't pay any mind to the naysayers, the "true believers" in the artificially created religion who deny the truth that could set them free. Not only is it liberating to be free of the lies that have been used to terrify humanity for almost two thousand years, it is liberating to know that such a man as Julius Caesar existed: a man who can stand today as a role model for the people, the poor, the downtrodden, and that despite the hatred of the wealthy elite such as Cicero and Cato, his acts were so magnificent and well-known that even they could not cover them up.

Along with this book, you will want to read also Gary Courtney's Et tu, Judas? Then Fall Jesus!, Michael Parenti's The Assassination Of Julius Caesar, and Joseph Atwill's Caesar's Messiah. Only then, will you have the complete picture of the solution of the greatest mystery of Western Civilization.

It's a tremendous feeling to finally know the truth that sets one free!

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