Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Laura Knight-Jadczyk is a seventh generation Floridian, a historian/mystic and an author of over 14 books and many articles published in print and on the internet. Because of her lifelong interests in science and spirit, she began what has come to be known as the "Cassiopaean Experiment" in 1994; an experiment in Superluminal communication.

She is married to theoretical/mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk, one of the world's few living experts in hyperdimensional physics. They established an active online research forum called Cassiopaea Forum and several websites as a result of the C's experiment.

In March 26, 2002, Knight-Jadczyk created Signs of the Times, or, which is a research project of the non-profit Quantum Future Group (QFG).

Under Knight-Jadczyk's direction, the QFG created the Éiriú Eolas stress-reduction and rejuvenation program in 2009.

Knight-Jadczyk and her husband continue to research the mysteries of life and the universe in their quest to understand the human condition.


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