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The phrase "matrix control system", or simply the word "matrix", is used to metaphorically describe present day Earth reality, by analogy with several concepts from the 1999 movie hit The Matrix. Our present reality includes the following features:

  • People do not understand that they are in prison. They are fed lies, form a subjective worldview, and are made complacent, materialistic and pusillanimous.
  • People are used as a natural resource for a higher power outside of the matrix, as in 'food for the Moon.'
  • There is a small possibility of waking up, involving group work and a profound realization that all of one's life thus far has consisted almost exclusively of lies and illusion. Even what good impulses may have existed have been twisted out of shape by false beliefs absorbed from the environment.
  • For the most part people actually like their captivity and will even defend it.
  • The control system (or General Law) can insert any conceivable influence into people's lives in order to get them back in line. These can be sticks as well as carrots, most too subtle to recognize with certainty.
  • Because the control system is so fundamental to the reality that surrounds us, people do not see it, nor do they in their state of sleep look for anything outside it.

Going past the allegory, we see the actual matrix as consisting of multiple levels. The first is direct political control and explicit power structures. The second level is cultural values and religions. Beyond these are likely human agencies such as secret societies combining influences with big finance, military-industrial and intelligence circles, churches and social institutions. These power brokers are however not part of the visible government. Such structures may themselves have multiple levels. At the upper levels there probably exists a minority of parties directly dealing with so-called aliens or fourth density service to self beings.

This structure maintains control through various means. However, we do not see the necessity for pervasive direct mind control since time-tested methods of political manipulation, appeal to patriotism and religion, undermining education, promoting poverty and other such techniques seem to be fully adequate. In some cases, more targeted mind-control may be a reality, as in engineered apparitions, synthetic telepathic messages, Greenbaum programming etc.

The deepest and most metaphysical level of this is not perceptible to us. According to the Cassiopaeans, this is built right into human genetics by the 'owners' of the planet. The legend of the Fall from Eden is an allegoric rendition of the installing of this deepest level of control.

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