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All ‘Mythology’ topics

  • Alans (The Alans were a tribe from the Caucasus and possibly Northern Iran who may have brought the original elements of the Grail mythos to Western Europe.)
  • Archetype (Generally, a universal idea or exemplar of a principle. The word is used in metaphysics, psychology, study of myths, and other fields.)
  • Atlantis (Atlantis is described as a global culture that has survived many cataclysms, the last and final taking place about 12,500 years ago.)
  • Axis mundi (Considered to be the point where three worlds converged: Heaven, Earth, and the netherworld.)
  • Cataclysm (Cataclysms occur at very different scales.)
  • Circle people vs. pyramid people (Refers to an apparent split in social structure, religion, form of governance, architecture and art between different peoples of ancient history and prehistory.)
  • Disjecta membra (Fragments of a formerly whole body of knowledge which has been scattered into often hard to recognize bits and pieces over time. In Latin, means disjoint or scattered members or parts.)
  • Egypt and Egyptology (The mythology of ancient Egypt occupies a somewhat prominent place in certain esoteric circles.)
  • Fall of man (The idea of some past catastrophic event for humanity is nearly ubiquitous in myth and religion.)
  • Fisher King (In the Grail/Arthurian mythos, the Fisher King is wounded and presides over a land stripped of vitality, lying sick or lame in a sumptuous castle slowly falling into ruin.)
  • Goddess (Discussion of how the notion of gender ties in with the divine.)
  • Grail (The Holy Grail is a cup or platter used at the last supper by Christ and his disciples.)
  • Heroic archetype (Heroes are called to complete a quest; following great labors, they receive supernatural help, enter a dangerous situation and achieve victory. They then return with new power.)
  • Hyperboreans (The ancient Greeks were sometimes called sons of Boreas [north wind]. Hyperborea is the land beyond or above the north.)
  • Kantek (The fifth planet of the solar system, destroyed over 80,000 years ago.)
  • Tower of Babel (A story about the creation of different spoken and written languages)
  • Tuatha de Danaan (A mythical faery race that variously came by sea from the north, from the air on clouds or from the Atlantic.)
  • Vampire (An archetype representing parasitic use of the energy or life force of another for one's own sustenance.)