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All ‘Religion’ topics

  • Adamic man (A human being who has an individuated soul.)
  • All is one (The Cassiopaeans and many other channeled sources state that 'all is one and one is all.' This idea is also found in various religious writing. The idea is however sometimes naively applied to matters at the human level of experience. The New Age approach of trying to 'see all as one' in order to influence reality is a case in point.)
  • Buddha (One who has Awoken. A title given to one who attains full and complete enlightenment without, in the life in which enlightenment is attained, having a teacher.)
  • Buddhism
  • Catharism (A gnostic movement considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Cyclical time (History is essentially a superposition of time loops.)
  • Death (Death is the center of a vast network of symbols.)
  • Demiurge (Refers to the "malevolent God" of the Old Testament, a fallen angel responsible for material creation.)
  • Dervish (A member of Surfism, or a Sufi mystic.)
  • Enlightenment (The state of objective awareness of self and environment would most closely correspond to the Eastern concept of enlightenment.)
  • Esoteric Christianity (A term used to refer to the Fourth Way teachings.)
  • Fall of man (The idea of some past catastrophic event for humanity is nearly ubiquitous in myth and religion.)
  • Free will (The first universal principle)
  • Gnosticism (A group of spiritual traditions, not strictly limited to the Christian world and era but most Gnostic movements are in some relation to Christianity.)
  • God (Refers to a universal source of all which is.)
  • Goddess (Discussion of how the notion of gender ties in with the divine.)
  • I Ching (The Book of Changes or the I Ching is among the oldest writings preserved to the present day.)
  • Karma (Involves a soul's 'accountability' for its actions and is usually understood to cover multiple lifetimes.)
  • Lies and lying (Lies are ubiquitous in both the inner and outer life of man. Any work aspiring towards truth needs to deal with this state of matters – which to begin with requires distinguishing between various forms of lying.)
  • Linear time (The concept of a time dimension which is strictly sequential and only moves forward.)
  • Lucifer (Literally means "light bringer". In Christian tradition, this is another name for Satan or the devil.)
  • Monotheism (Worship of or belief in a single god.)
  • Names of God (Sufi term for the principles or archetypes of which creation is composed.)
  • Prayer (In general, a prayer is an act that invites a connection with a deity or a spiritual entity through careful and conscious communication.)
  • Recurrence (A mechanical repetition of life with its mechanical circumstances.)
  • Ritual (A formalized sequence of actions, often ceremonial or symbolic, performed according to a fixed format in a fixed circumstance.)
  • Rosicrucianism (An ancient hidden fraternity.)
  • Soul (Whatever part of a person is permanent and survives physical death.)
  • Sufism (Sufism is an esoteric movement existing within the framework of Islam.)
  • Taoism (Taoism, or "The Way", is a philosophy based on living according to nature's laws.)
  • Truth (Truth is, in its fullest extent, as vast as the Universe. To begin to approach the topic, we must discern different degrees and levels of truth, each relative to a context and a perceiver. While this is necessary in order to say anything about the subject, it does not mean that truth itself is relative or subjective.)
  • Yahweh (The God of the Old Testament.)