Shamanism and archaic esotericism

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All ‘Shamanism and archaic esotericism’ topics

  • Assemblage point (Refers to a locus of perception within the energy field of a being.)
  • Axis mundi (Considered to be the point where three worlds converged: Heaven, Earth, and the netherworld.)
  • Being called (Refers to the experience of the natural initiation of a Shaman who is “called” to a vocation by the gods)
  • Celts (The Celts were a group of ancient peoples of Indo-European origin sharing linguistic, religious and cultural ties, and made up of numerous tribes.)
  • Circle people vs. pyramid people (Refers to an apparent split in social structure, religion, form of governance, architecture and art between different peoples of ancient history and prehistory.)
  • Discipline (Discipline is a key aspect of the path of the warrior)
  • Goddess (Discussion of how the notion of gender ties in with the divine.)
  • Heroic archetype (Heroes are called to complete a quest; following great labors, they receive supernatural help, enter a dangerous situation and achieve victory. They then return with new power.)
  • Impeccability (Impeccability is the systematic, correct and efficient use of energy.)
  • Nagual (Nagual is a term used to describe a shaman or one who follows a path of knowledge.)
  • Petty tyrant (Petty tyrants are impossible people in positions of authority, which one has to deal with in life.)
  • Predator's mind (Carlos Castaneda's term for that which aligns man with the thought center of service to self.)
  • Recapitulation (A technique of inner work described by Carlos Castaneda.)
  • Self-importance or self-love (The self-importance is similar to self-love, where they are identification with external circumstance, status, internal considering, worry over how other see the self.)
  • Shamanism (A common name for native ancient spiritual practices found throughout the world.)
  • Stalking (Stalking refers to the warrior's virtues of forebearance and timing towards petty tyrants.)
  • Tonal (Tonal is a term designating any entity or object or division of creation.)
  • Unknown and unknowable (A world divided by Castaneda into unknown and unknowable.)
  • Warrior (Warrior is used for a seeker of esoteric knowledge who works on himself in order to be free.)