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  • Earth changes and mass consciousness (Earth changes, most often meaning large natural cataclysms, are linked to the spiritual state of humanity by many metaphysical sources.)
  • Egypt and Egyptology (The mythology of ancient Egypt occupies a somewhat prominent place in certain esoteric circles.)
  • Emotional hook (The term refers to manipulating a person by appealing to some known aspect of personality with the intent of getting something for the self.)
  • Emotional thinking (Refers to emotions taking over the functions of thinking.)
  • Empathy (Empathy is being conscious of, or sensitive to, the emotions of another person or group of people.)
  • Energy (In physics, energy means capacity to do work.)
  • Enlightenment (The state of objective awareness of self and environment would most closely correspond to the Eastern concept of enlightenment.)
  • Entropy (In physics, entropy refers to the amount of order in a given system. Irreversible processes, such as combustion increase entropy.)
  • Esoteric Christianity (A term used to refer to the Fourth Way teachings.)
  • Esoterica (Esoteric matters that don't fit specifically into any of the other main topics.)
  • Essence (In Fourth Way discourse, a man's essence is the totality of the qualities or propensities he is born with. As opposed to this, personality is the totality of the acquired or learned patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. In modern psychology, inherited characteristics also play a large role.)
  • Event Enhanced Quantum Theory (EEQT is an attempt at bridging between the quantum and classical worlds in physics.)
  • Evil magician (A tale that well illustrates man's position on this planet.)
  • Exoteric, mesoteric, and esoteric circles (In Fourth Way discourse, humankind is divided into four circles according to progress on the path of conscious evolution. There is first the outer circle of exterior men; then three progressive circles of interior men follow: the exoteric, the mesoteric, and the esoteric.)
  • External vs. internal considering (External considering is the practice of taking others into account when acting, seeing their situation as it is and accordingly making life easy both for oneself and for others. Internal considering is the opposite – acting out of a subjective inner state and view of the situation to which one is attached, with any of a number of consequences.)
  • Fall of man (The idea of some past catastrophic event for humanity is nearly ubiquitous in myth and religion.)
  • Feminine vampire (This term refers to a special type of human predator who plays a game involving appeal to the rescuer or protector programs of others, playing the victim, playing on others' guilt and self-importance and other techniques of manipulation.)
  • Fifth density (In the scale of densities, the fifth density is a non-physical state of being, where entities who incarnate in the first through fourth densities exist between their incarnations. Fifth density is also referred to as a "recycling zone".)
  • First density (In the scale of densities, the first density corresponds to inanimate matter and energy. Since the scale of density is principally concerned with how awareness interacts with its environment, we could say that the first density is the raw material on which awareness acts in order to create.)
  • Fisher King (In the Grail/Arthurian mythos, the Fisher King is wounded and presides over a land stripped of vitality, lying sick or lame in a sumptuous castle slowly falling into ruin.)
  • Food for the Moon (An allegory that the Moon feeds on organic life, on humanity. In this sense, humanity is food for the Moon.)
  • Food preparation (That we may transcend the recipe.)
  • Formatory thinking (The mechanical aspect of the lower intellectual center)
  • Fourth Way (A body of teaching on the possible spiritual development of man, introduced to the Western culture by George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff in the first half of the 20th century.)
  • Fourth density (In the scale of densities, the fourth density is a mode of existence between physical and ethereal. There are many names for and presentations of the concept of graduation to fourth density. Fourth density also appears to be the level at which the higher echelons of the "matrix control system" function, thus its possible existence is important for the study of the deeper nature of the world.)
  • Fourth density bleedthrough (In the Cassiopaean material, fourth density bleedthrough refers to various anomalous perceptions and effects. The idea is that at certain times and places, the boundary between the third and fourth densities becomes thinner and perceptions and laws of nature become somewhat fluid.)
  • Fourth density service to self being (The term refers to beings of the density directly above the human level who manipulate humanity and other similar life forms for their own ends. These are the architects and ultimate controllers of the "matrix control system", the "Moon" of Gurdjieff, the "Archons" of darkness of the Gnostics. Most of the UFO phenomenon originates with these forces.)
  • Fractured soul unit (In the Cassiopaean material, humanity is referred to as a fractured soul unit.)
  • Free will (The first universal principle)
  • Frequency fence (An artificial construct meant to occlude perception or keep someone's perception or frequency resonance vibration within a particular range.)
  • Frequency resonance vibration (A property of a person that has to do with the person's alignment or intrinsic nature.)
  • Fusion (Fourth Way) (The term fusion, as used in Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis books, is the process of forming a 'real' or 'permanent I' out of the multiple little 'I's which generally constitute man's personality.)
  • Game theory (This is a branch of mathematics which explores outcomes of choices within "games", i.e. systems with formal rules, participants, a space of possible actions and typically some sort of score function.)
  • General Law (The law(s) under which man live as a mechanical part of a mechanical world. During esoteric Work, the General Law is the adversary, until the successful development of self-mastery and conscious will makes possible an escape from its rule.)
G cont.
  • Gnosis (Means knowledge, mostly used when speaking of esoteric matters.)
  • Gnosticism (A group of spiritual traditions, not strictly limited to the Christian world and era but most Gnostic movements are in some relation to Christianity.)
  • God (Refers to a universal source of all which is.)
  • Goddess (Discussion of how the notion of gender ties in with the divine.)
  • Graduation to fourth density (There appears to be a certain benchmark that a being must meet in order to pass from third density incarnations to fourth density ones. Additionally, it seems that in some cases this can take place while in the body. This benchmark is variously described but all descriptions raise more questions than they answer. We will look at diverse aspects mentioned by different sources below.)
  • Grail (The Holy Grail is a cup or platter used at the last supper by Christ and his disciples.)
  • Grand cycle (A period of approximately 309,000 years.)
  • Gravity (Gravity is everywhere but the mechanism through which it propagates is not known.)
  • Green Language (Green Language, or the "language of the birds", refers to the generally opaque and confusing way the few texts there are are written.)
  • Greenbaum (A code word for a technique of mind control.)
  • Group transduction of energy (Groups of people represent different spiritual principles at different times.)
  • HAARP (HAARP refers to a United States military-operated research site in Alaska, and used for space and time manipulation as well as mind control of the masses.)
  • Health and wellness (The state of our body not only affects our physical capabilities, but also our emotional health and intellectual ability; and conversely, our emotional health affects our physical health along with our thinking. This is one of the most important topics for anyone seeking to work on him- or herself or to be healthy and well in our all too sick world.)
  • Heating the crucible (Receiving shocks and using these as catalyst for internal change, generally for building cohesion between little 'I's.)
  • Hendaye (This town in the French Basque region is the site of the "cyclic cross" discussed by Fulcanelli.)
  • Heroic archetype (Heroes are called to complete a quest; following great labors, they receive supernatural help, enter a dangerous situation and achieve victory. They then return with new power.)
  • High strangeness (High strangeness refers to a global phenomenon so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought, which it carries with it many implications of the existence of intelligences other than our own.)
  • Higher centers (The 4th Way terminology recognizes the higher emotional and higher intellectual centers as well as the sexual center as higher centers.)
  • History
  • Holographic nature (A hologram is an image which appears to have depth because its appearance changes according to the angle of observation.)
  • Hydrogens (Fourth Way) (In the Fourth Way cosmology, all that exists is seen in the context of a table of 'hydrogens', where the term hydrogen simply means substance in general. Some hydrogens are material, some are information, others are spiritual energies for which there is no general description in human language.)
  • Hyperboreans (The ancient Greeks were sometimes called sons of Boreas [north wind]. Hyperborea is the land beyond or above the north.)
  • Hyperdimensional physics (The term generally refers to theories of physics involving more than three dimensions of space and one of time.)
  • Hyperdimensional reality (This is the larger reality in which the reality of three dimensions of space and linear time is embedded. The hyperdimensional reality is not directly observable from inside itself.)
  • Hypnosis (The conscious mind is put to sleep leaving the subconscious open to suggestion and receptive to commands.)
  • I Ching (The Book of Changes or the I Ching is among the oldest writings preserved to the present day.)
  • Identification (A nearly constant, universal feature of man's psyche.)
  • Idiot (In general usage, a foolish or stupid person, but the term "idiot" has also its esoteric meaning as used by George Gurdjieff.)
  • Ignota nulla curatio morbi (Latin for "do not attempt to cure what you do not understand" – an important principle of ponerology.)
  • Illuminati (Originally the name of a secret society started by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776. In the modern context, generally used to mean the higher levels of secret government)
  • Illusion (Illusion means an erroneous representation or belief about reality.)
  • Imagination vs. impression (Imagination is one of the principal features of man which keep him asleep. Impressions, on the other hand, are called the 'third being food' and are an absolute necessity for life.)
  • Impartiality (The ideal state of perception.)
  • Impeccability (Impeccability is the systematic, correct and efficient use of energy.)
I cont.
  • Impression management (Impression management is a manipulative process of controlling or influencing the perceptions of other people.)
  • Imprinting (Psychology speaks of periods of imprint sensitivity in the context of an infant's or young child's early development.)
  • Information selection and substitution (Largely subconscious processes that distort a person's thinking and conclusions. To avoid uncomfortable conclusions, premises which would lead to them are suppressed and replaced – leading to new and more comfortable, but erroneous, conclusions.)
  • Initiation (A rite of passage signifying the change of an individual's status within a society or organization.)
  • Intrinsic nature (One's built-in tendency towards either "felicity" vs. "wretchedness", "grace" vs. "sin", or being vs. non-being.)
  • Intuition (To grasp something intuitively is to acquire an idea without the use of reasoning.)
  • Involution vs. evolution (Evolution is the lower becoming the higher, following an ascending octave. Involution is the higher determining or creating the lower, following a descending octave.)
  • Juvenile vs. adult dictionary (The idea is that different people use identical words but understand and intend very different things with these. This is a well known phenomenon of exterior humanity.)
  • Kantek (The fifth planet of the solar system, destroyed over 80,000 years ago.)
  • Karma (Involves a soul's 'accountability' for its actions and is usually understood to cover multiple lifetimes.)
  • Karma and the Principle Of Equilibrium
  • Ketogenic diet
  • Knowledge (What is known is known in context and in an applicable form)
  • Kundalini (A sort of force or effect that is localized at the base of the spine and can be activated either spontaneously or through deliberate exercises. Different teachings assign different meaning to it.)
  • Law of Accident (George Gurdjieff's term for those mechanical laws that govern the way man lives. See also "General Law".)
  • Law of Confusion (A principle whereby a higher density service to others entity is prohibited from abridging the free will of lower density beings it communicates with.)
  • Law of Seven (The 4th Way cosmology sees all processes as divided in seven stages, often denoted by the notes from do to si (ascending) or do to re (descending).)
  • Law of Three (The Law of Three is fundamental to Fourth Way cosmology, where each phenomenon springs from the interaction of three forces. The idea is also central to the Cassiopaean Experiment, where context or consciousness determines alignment in relation to the fundamental duality of the cosmos.)
  • Lemuria (A mythical continent, usually placed in the Southern Pacific.)
  • Lessons (The universe is one great school, everything learns, even inanimate matter.)
  • Lies and lying (Lies are ubiquitous in both the inner and outer life of man. Any work aspiring towards truth needs to deal with this state of matters – which to begin with requires distinguishing between various forms of lying.)
  • Linear time (The concept of a time dimension which is strictly sequential and only moves forward.)
  • Lines of Work (In Fourth Way schools, the Work is divided into three distinct lines: the student's work on the self, the work with other students, and work for the school.)
  • Little 'I's (The Fourth Way teaches that man is a collection of inconsistent habits, programs, or stimulus-response patterns; these rule all kinds of inner and outer behavior, and whichever resulting 'self' is active at the moment calls itself 'I' and sees itself always as the one, same person.)
  • Logos (Word of God.)
  • Love (There is a bewildering range of meanings and connotations associated with love. The Cassiopaeans have said that love is light is knowledge.)
  • Lucifer (Literally means "light bringer". In Christian tradition, this is another name for Satan or the devil.)
  • Magnetic center (A function in man which is formed as esoteric work proceeds beyond exterior, sleeping man.)
  • Make nice program (An automatic behavior tending towards avoiding conflict and making repeated concessions or tolerating consistent ill treatment.)
  • Man number 1, 2, and 3
  • Many-worlds interpretation (One interpretation of quantum theory is that each time a measurement is made, all possible outcomes of the measurement occur, each in its own parallel world.)
  • Mark of the beast (The biblical mention of the mark of the beast and the number 666 has sparked endless speculation and interpretation. One of the more original interpretations is found in the Cassiopaean material.)

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